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Filmmakers Shine Light of Truth on Abortion
tags: abortion, Hollywood, HUSH documentary, Tracy Martin, The Matter of Life documentary, Mercy Tree Films, prolife films

Much of Hollywood glamorizes abortion, but two documentaries shine the light of truth on the procedure, which has taken millions of unborn lives and affected the lives of women in the 40+ years since Roe v. Wade. Read more about these films on this week's blog post.


Community Comes Together to Help Women Who Experience Unplanned Pregnancies
tags: pregnancy, pro-life, Casper WY, True Care Womens Resource Center, abortion

Individuals make up communities, and communities make impacts. Would you consider joining in as an individual who is part of the Casper community and make a positive impact on women and their unborn? Learn how you, and others, can help make a positive impact for life in Natrona County -- and beyond -- on this week's blog by partnering with True Care Women's Resource Center.


The Closing of Wyoming’s Planned Parenthood Clinic and What That Means for the State’s Pro-life Movement
tags: abortion, wyoming, Planned Parenthood Casper, prolife, pregnancy centers, unplanned pregnancy options

Last week’s Casper Star Tribune headline announcing the closing of Wyoming’s only Planned Parenthood (PP) clinic not only made Wyoming news, but also national news. The clinic, located in Casper, will shut its doors for good in July. Planned Parenthood clinics across the country are shutting their doors, including two in Colorado, three in New Mexico, and four in Iowa; several of these facilities don’t perform abortions, but, as is the case at the Casper clinic, PP staff refer clients for abortion elsewhere. Pro-life medical pregnancy centers can fill in the gap in many ways. Find out how and find out how prolife individuals and churches can help.


A Division in Faith as well as Politics
tags: abortion, Chrisitianity and abortion, faith, pro-life, pro-choice, pro-choice Christians, Willie Parker

Many people who claim to be Christians are proponents of abortion, or at least of being pro-choice. How does one meld faith in Christ and the Heavenly Father with the act of abortion? Read our blog post this week to see what we have learned about the subject and some Biblical principals we who trust in Christ should apply in every aspect of our lives, including the discussion of abortion with others.


Singleness and Abortion
tags: never married, millennials, abortion and singleness, not married

Studies show young people are delaying marriage, or planning to not marry at all, in greater numbers. Findings also suggest that American young people are living together unmarried and raising children outside of marriage in increasing numbers. In fact, data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows the percentage of births to unmarried American women two years ago was more than 40 percent. Additionally, the Guttmacher Institute found that most women seeking an abortion were in their twenties and thirties. Learn more about these trends on this blog post.


Partnerships Help True Care Reach Abortion-Minded Women
tags: partnerships, churches, Hymn Sing for Life, True Care events

Without partnerships in our community, including churches, organizations, individuals and families, True Care couldn't do the work that God has called us to do. Does your church partner with True Care? Are you an advocate for the organization? Learn more about how groups, individuals, and families do, and can, help True Care help women in Casper and beyond who experience an unplanned pregnancy, and what opportunites loom on the horizon for new opportunities for vital partnerships, including the recent Hymn Sing for Life.


Fighting the Battle of Virtual Untruths
tags: fake reviews, Planned Parenthood, pregnancy centers, Pregnancy Help News, attacks on prolife centers, prayer

In this day and age of electronic communications, from email to Facebook, from blogs to Twitter, impacts (both good and bad) reverberate around the internet. Reviews by customers are another way to impact a business or organization online. And, lately, a series of “bad reviews” have bombarded pregnancy centers, including True Care. Learn more about these attacks and what you can do to help not only True Care, but pro-life pregnancy centers around the country.


What is Planned Parenthood and Why Should We Care?

One of the most hotly debated topics in our political sphere this year is the potential defunding of Planned Parenthood. But what is Planned Parenthood and why should we care?


True Care Celebrates 30 Years Serving Women in Natrona County and Beyond

Thirty-year-old Lisa walked into True Care Women’s Resource Center believing abortion was her only option....


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