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Your Support Impacts Generations

“Cathy” came to True Care during the COVID-19 lockdown in April. She had lost her job, and therefore, for her, this was the worst possible time to be dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. She told us if she was indeed pregnant, she didn’t know what choice she would make—carry or abort. 

After meeting her 6-week-old unborn during the ultrasound and receiving information on various resources, including the opportunity to sign up for Medicaid, Cathy left True Care planning to parent. “Thank you so much for all the help you’ve given me,” she said.  “I came here scared because of being out of work, but with so much help available, I now have hope.”

Last week, we learned through follow-up that a woman whom we’d not been able to get in touch with the past several months made an adoption plan. When she was at the Center for her initial appointment, “Andrea” was undecided as to what she would do regarding her pregnancy. She recognized she was not in a position to raise a second child, but she didn’t let the pressures of society lead her to an abortion clinic – instead, she gave life to her child, in more ways than one, courageously choosing a path less than two percent of single, pregnant women walk.

Recently, our Resource Coordinator was contacted by a former patient. “Tonya” said she had been to True Care a few years ago. “I had just found out I was pregnant and wasn’t sure I wanted to proceed. So now, two years later, my daughter is about to turn 1-year-old. I couldn’t be happier with her in my life. I don’t even want to imagine where I would be without her. So thank you.”

Each of these stories shows the impact True Care has on women, their children, men, families, and others. We have that impact because of YOU! Your support allows True Care to exist and serve pregnant women at risk for abortion – women like Tonya, Andrea, and Cathy – and “Jayla.”

Our president, Terry, often shares Jayla’s story. The high school senior came to our center when we were located downtown, before we became a medical clinic. The young woman and her boyfriend believed abortion was the best option for them – he was attending college in another town and she was still in high school. They left the Center planning to abort, even after learning what abortion truly is. Several years later, Jayla came to our Poplar Street location to confirm another pregnancy, and when she saw Terry in the lobby, she told her story. Jayla and her boyfriend had married, Jayla continued the pregnancy and had given birth to a daughter, and the couple was parents to two other children. The family began following Christ, became active in a church, and was then expecting their fourth child.

True Care has been part of the Casper community for more than 30 years. We even attract women from other Wyoming communities. During the past three-plus decades, our organization has grown into a respected medical clinic with professionally-trained nurses and compassionate advocates who provide a listening ear and guidance to confused, scared women. Here are a few comments left on recent exit surveys filled out by patients after their initial in-clinic appointment:

  • “Everyone is friendly and makes you feel comfortable.”
  • “Amazing people! They help a mom who has financial issues.”
  • “Above and beyond what I expected! They are compassionate and provide great education on all options.”
  • “Super helpful! Everyone answered any question I had. I learned lots of new information.”

Because of you, we help women in various ways, from vital medical services and options education to community resources and parenting programs. We reach them through Google ads, social media, billboards, and other marketing endeavors as well as word of mouth. Friends tell friends. Family members steer their loved ones to True Care’s doors. Our reputation is so strong, that even women who have chosen abortion return for another pregnancy, oftentimes carrying that pregnancy to term.

We could do none of this work without YOU! Together, we impact today’s generation and those of the future. Thank you for coming alongside us in this important work!

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