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Changes That Help Women More Quickly

Since March 2020, True Care has been challenged in how to help women experiencing unplanned pregnancies in more effective, efficient, and relevant ways. Despite the storm of COVID-19, staff have been inspired to respond to patient needs and concerns more quickly.

For example, we implemented telehealth in April, connecting potential patients with our nursing staff via our Scheduling Line. As a result, women are able to communicate with and receive information and education from a professional health care provider sooner because of telehealth. We’ve also seen a lower no-show rate for in-clinic appointments since implementing this service.

Now, we’re looking to make appointment accessibility even quicker for potential patients. Our Scheduling Line is staffed Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7 pm and voicemails and emails are checked throughout the weekend. However, marketing studies show women who are seriously considering abortion want service as soon as possible. Between self-scheduling at abortion clinics and the promotion of abortion pills online, reaching and serving these women ASAP is critical. Therefore, starting next month, True Care will make online scheduling available. Patients will be able to tentatively schedule their own telehealth appointments no matter what time of day they visit our website. The Scheduler who is next on duty will receive a notification about the appointment request and contact the potential patient to finalize the appointment with one of our nurses.

True Care’s mission is to effectively serve pregnant women at risk for abortion. Since COVID-19, we ‘ve experienced a slight increase in the number of abortion-minded/determined women contacting our Scheduling Line, making telehealth appointments, and coming through our clinic’s doors. We want to be available for them, no matter when they are searching for help … or searching for an abortion. Our marketing efforts ensure True Care is visible at the top of a Google page when women in our area search for “abortion.” Therefore, making that self-scheduling platform available is crucial – they won’t have to wait until 9 am to make an appointment if they are searching online at 10 pm or 3 am.

We are in a war, not only to save the lives of unborn babies, but to save women from the horror of abortion: the emotional and physical trauma many experience afterward, the potential for health risks in the future, and possible death from an abortion procedure. If a woman knows she can schedule a True Care appointment with one of our nurses within hours or even a day, she’ll likely not make an abortion appointment through Planned Parenthood’s website, giving us the opportunity to educate her on what abortion truly is.

Many pregnancy centers already use self-scheduling. We are learning from them as we prepare to implement this new service and strategy. We ask for your prayers for our staff, especially our Schedulers, as they become used to this new concept, and for the women who will use it.

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