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Survey Says … You Can Make a Difference

A recent blog post for the National Catholic Register reported on a Notre Dame survey regarding the topic of abortion. Here are a few highlights:

  1. In-depth interviews with more than 215 people were conducted by a team of five sociologists.
  2. The labels of “pro-life” and “pro-choice” were not consistent – most of those interviewed were a mix of both. For example, according to the article, “…some respondents who identified as “pro-life” thought that abortion should be a legal option in difficult situations involving rape or severe fetal defects.  Similarly, some who identified as “pro-choice” opposed late-term abortions and strongly disapproved of using abortion as a form of contraception.”
  3. Most respondents were not knowledgeable on the details of abortion, including basic facts about fetal development or public policy. Even though they knew about Roe v. Wade, they were unfamiliar with state laws regulating (or not) abortion.
  4. Many thought if abortion wasn’t legal, both the woman and the child would be adversely affected, such as financially and mentally/emotionally, by being forced to carry to term.
  5. Few respondents viewed abortion as a good thing and thought more could be done to help women in difficult circumstances, such as poverty or abusive relationships, situations that can ultimately lead to abortion.

The Importance of This Study

So, why is such a study important? Two significant reasons:

  1. People need more education on what abortion is and how to talk about it and;
  2. People need to know about the existence of pregnancy care centers, pregnancy resource centers, and pregnancy medical centers – places like True Care – and what these organizations do for women and the unborn.

There are approximately 2,700 such centers around the United States, and a sizable number around the world. Although not all offer medical services, as we do at True Care, a larger majority do than 10 years ago. Women who think they are pregnant and are considering abortion need medical services like pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and STD testing conducted by medical professionals. Organizations like True Care need to offer these relevant services so that a woman knows for sure she is pregnant, how far along she is, and whether or not she has an STD – all of these answers help her to know what type of abortion procedure she would have and if her future fertility may be affected by the decision she makes regarding the outcome of her pregnancy.

Working Together to Combat Abortion

If people don’t know pregnancy centers like us exist, how can we make an impact on the number of abortions performed every year? If people don’t understand what abortion truly is, how can more unborn lives, and the lives of women, be saved from the tragedy of abortion?

Communities and pregnancy centers need to work together to combat abortion. True Care and residents of Natrona and Converse counties do that in several ways.

  1. Vision Tours at the Center. True Care hosts these behind-the-scenes tours once or twice a month. We depend on our supporters to bring new people to these tours to introduce those people to our work. Because you invite someone to a tour, you may be bringing us a new supporter or help that person who now knows about us to suggest a young woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy come to True Care for her medical services and to learn about her pregnancy options.
  2. Fundraisers. Our summer Walk for Life and our upcoming Annual Making a Difference Fundraising Events bring in much-needed funds to pay for marketing services to reach our target market (the woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy who is considering abortion). We have to be where these women are, through online marketing, billboards, and other venues. Plus, those fundraisers pay our professional nursing staff, those “respected women” other women look up to. Our medical services give us credibility with our target audience, and that is done through the generosity of donors.
  3. Educate people on abortion. We do this through our Vision Tours and the educational brochures we give to our patients. Another way to receive that education is through Breakpoint’s upcoming online series, Championing Life. Here you can learn how to make a case for life and how to answer the most common pro-abortion objections, among other things.

You Can be a Difference-Maker!

You can be a learner, a teacher, a supporter, a donor, a prayer warrior. Know your “why,” grow, and be grounded in truth and faith … for life.

To participate in a September Vision Tour (Thursday, Sept. 10 or Thursday, Sept. 17, 5:30 to 6:30 pm), contact Lilly at 307-472-2810 or email her at To take part in this year’s Annual Making a Difference Events, visit our website:


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