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Patients Empowered by Our Professional Nurses

Fifteen years ago, True Care’s Board of Directors took our pregnancy help ministry in a new direction: we became a medical clinic, hiring professional medical personnel and training them in limited obstetrical ultrasound. Why did we choose this path? Because women facing unplanned pregnancies, especially those considering abortion, need to know the answers to three important questions:

  1. Am I really pregnant?
  2. How far along am I?
  3. Do I have an STD (sexually transmitted disease?

These questions can only be answered by professional medical staff.

Women in crisis turn to professionals for help, and in the medical community, female patients tend to trust female health care workers more than males. True Care’s nurses provide credibility to our ministry, and they serve as the medical professionals that our patients look up to and trust. Our nurses move us in the direction of our mission: to erase the perceived need for abortion in our community, through effectively serving pregnant woman at risk for abortion.

Meet True Care’s Nurses

We have been blessed over the past 15 years to have compassionate, competent, and passionate, nurses on staff. Currently, we employ four women who serve on the nursing staff.

Sally Heyer, Nurse Manager: Sally joined True Care in 2007. She is also a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer specializing in OB/GYN. Her passion for True Care’s work is evident as she engages with patients and provides presentations about our medical services during Vision Tours.

Amber Zimmer, Nurse: Amber started working for True Care in 2010 as a staff nurse. She has been trained in limited obstetrical ultrasound and has her own practice as a women’s health nurse practitioner/nurse-midwife. She not only works in-center on certain days, but she also serves as True Care’s telehealth nurse one day a week.

Sara Beer, Nurse: Sara started at True Care as a volunteer nurse and patient advocate. She became a member of our paid nursing team in November 2016 and has received training in limited obstetrical ultrasound. She is our Tuesday evening nurse and also works for the Glenrock school district as a nurse.

Megan Boomgarden, Nurse: Megan joined our team in the spring of 2019 and received her training in limited obstetrical ultrasound later that year. She serves both in-clinic and as a True Care telehealth nurse one day a week.

Additionally, two other nurses serve at True Care. Cheryl Flores, our Resource Coordinator since 2012, is also an R.N. Her role is vital to our patients, and she loves helping them find the resources they need, especially Medicaid insurance.

Rebecca Tharp, Program Director, leads our Baby & Me, Fathering in 15, and Sexual Integrity programs; she is also an R.N./BSN. Rebecca joined our team as a staff nurse in 2009 and was trained in limited obstetrical ultrasound that year. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in family medicine/medical nurse practitioner through the University of Wyoming.

We also have a volunteer nurse, Erin Wesnitzer, who assists with telehealth calls and occasionally serves as a patient advocate. Earlier this year, she heeded a call to help Samaritan’s Purse in New York City during the height of that city’s COVID crisis.

Compassion Melds with Medical Skills

Our nurses put their passion and compassion to work for God at True Care. Their empathy and skill help the women we serve feel less anxious and provide the answers women facing unplanned pregnancies need. Our nurses have discovered some women experiencing ectopic pregnancies and molar pregnancies, life-threatening conditions, and have been able to encourage them to seek emergency medical help in those cases.

A pregnant woman considering abortion needs to know if her pregnancy is viable. By coming to True Care before going to an abortion clinic, she can know for sure that she is pregnant and that the pregnancy is in the uterus where it belongs. She also hears her pregnancy options and the Gospel message. Amid COVID-19, many U.S. pregnancy centers experienced an increase in the number of women seen, often desperate to have an abortion. From January to September, 72 of the 87 women assessed at True Care as abortion-minded or determined chose to carry to term. We believe that high number is thanks in part to the medical services offered and our wonderful nurses who provide those services.

Join True Care’s Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers in thanking our nurses for the work they do and the caring hearts they have!



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