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Impacting Our Community, Sharing Truth – Together!

“It looks like a baby!” exclaimed ‘Janna’ as she viewed the ultrasound.

The image of her 8-week-old unborn seemed to make an impression on the 20-year-old, who had come in thinking about aborting her pregnancy. Her boyfriend was pushing her in that direction and she felt she had little support to carry to term. She cited her age as a major consideration for abortion.

“I’m awfully young to have a baby right now, and my life isn’t working the way it should,” she had said earlier. “I need to get it together before having a child.”

However, seeing her baby’s heartbeat and watching it wiggle on the ultrasound screen changed her mind. When she met with her Advocate several minutes later, Janna said, “I’m not going through with an abortion. Even though he wants me to, I can’t do it. I feel excited now about being pregnant and being a mom.”

The following week, she met with our Resource Coordinator and signed up for Medicaid and for our Baby & Me parenting program. She also received additional resources, such as Wyoming’s Stop Smoking Program, a list of physicians in town, and information on employment agencies.

Many ‘Jannas’ to Serve

We see women like Janna every week. They tell themselves lies, such as “I’m too young.” “I can’t do this.” “I’m alone.” “He’s threatening to leave if I don’t abort, so I don’t have a choice.” “It’s not a real baby yet.” When these women come to True Care, they learn the truth. Not everyone changes their mind, but many do – like Janna. 

Taking statistics from the Wyoming Health Department on the average number of pregnancies that happen in Natrona County, factoring in the national average of miscarriage and the general abortion rate in our nation, we know that True Care sees at least 24% of all the abortion-minded women in our county (at times women from surrounding counties also come to our center). Between January and the end of October 2020, True Care welcomed 215 women into the clinic. According to our latest report, more than one-third whom we assessed as abortion-determined and more than half of the undecided patients have chosen life.

We are fulfilling our mission to erase the perceived need for abortion in our community. If True Care had not been here to serve these women, think of the hundreds of babies whose lives would have been lost to abortion just this year!

Blessing Others

With all its challenges, 2020 is coming to an end. As we look ahead, knowing Thanksgiving will soon arrive, we are extremely grateful to our friends and supporters for helping us keep our doors open, especially during the uncertainty of COVID. Not only have we been able to serve abortion-minded and determined women, but we’ve been able to extra-bless patients in our Resource and Baby & Me Programs. We provided grocery gift cards last spring to those who had lost their jobs. We gave out diapers and wipes to moms who had run out of such supplies, and we continue to provide layettes after the birth of our patients’ babies, blessing them with new baby clothing, blankets, and other helpful materials.

These women see True Care as a blessing in their lives, and we can only do what we do because you continue to bless us with support.

So, when you write that next check to True Care or make a donation through our website, remember the women you are helping through your financial gift – women like Janna, who realized she was carrying a real baby … that ultrasound and the programs for which she registered she would not have found elsewhere, and she would not have discovered the truth about her pregnancy.

We need to continue being here for the “Jannas” of our community, and because of your support as we end 2020, we will do just that!



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