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Partnerships Help True Care Reach Abortion-Minded Women

“Lift High the Cross” reverberated through the historic sanctuary. First Presbyterian Church – EPC in Casper, Wyoming welcomed community residents on April 3 to Hymn Sing for Life, a new fundraiser for True Care Women’s Resource Center. Kansas City guest organist Kurt Knecht played the church’s multi-racked pipe organ with finesse and enthusiasm as two choirs blended their voices with the audience. The hymn concluded the event and brought in an additional $1,000 for Casper’s pro-life pregnancy center.

The final tally from this first-time event stunned everyone: $10,861.41. True Care CEO and President Terry Winship had hoped for $3,500.00 to $5,000.00. With a matching $5,000.00 pledged by a local family foundation, the total amount raised was nearly $16,000.00.

When community gathers around a cause that’s special to God’s heart, like saving lives and helping “the least of these,” God shows up.

“True Care is a local ministry partner for us; one of my goals is to increase the impact of the ministries we partner with,” Pastor Mark Tippin said. “That’s another reason to do the hymn sing – it’s a way we could be a more significant partner. Because we’re a small congregation, this gave us opportunity to build, improve, and increase our impact.”

Doing Big Things for God

Small congregations can do big things, especially for life. True Care’s partnerships with many local and regional churches (congregations in Glenrock and Douglas support the ministry as True Care serves women from these communities, too) and with organizations (True Care’s referral list connects homeless women with the Rescue Mission’s Transformation Center, rape victims with the Self Help Center, and new moms with support groups like MOPS) help us help women who are considering abortion as their best or only option. Partnerships have resulted in women receiving added help they might not otherwise have found. Collaborations also have resulted in a new ultrasound machine, when the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic men’s group, raised funds four years ago to help True Care purchase a machine with 3D capability. That ultrasound machine has resulted in abortion-minded women deciding for life instead of death for their unborn. Without partnerships within our community, including churches, organizations, individuals and families, we could not do the work that God has called us to do.

So, what is an organization, whether it’s True Care, the Rescue Mission, or the Self Help Center? What is a church congregation? Each is comprised of individuals, people coming together for a specific cause. And each individual is important. As True Care moves forward into 2017, several goals and events loom on the horizon. These are ways you can get more involved, either as an individual, a church, a family, or an organization.

Help Us Help Others

First, attend a Vision Tour if you haven’t already. And, if you have, invite people you know to this monthly event. Held from 7 to 8 pm on either a Tuesday or Thursday evening, Vision Tours provide a behind-the-scenes look at this life-saving ministry; the tours are free. Our next one is Tuesday, April 18th, and we are planning a tour for mid-May.

Second, participate in this year’s Run/Walk for Life. Gather sponsors and join us on Saturday, June 3 and enjoy a run or stroll along the beautiful North Platte River, raising funds, as well as awareness, for True Care.

Third, help us explore a Fatherhood program. This is a vital, missing link in saving unborn lives, and True Care can’t do it alone. Such an initiative will take dedicated community members. Therefore, as we investigate options and opportunities, we invite Christian men and church congregations, as well as community organizations, to come alongside us to brainstorm ways to implement a program geared for new dads.

The local church has a part to play in helping end the perceived need for abortion in our community, according to Pastor Tippin.

“True Care is important because it gives opportunity for congregations to not simply be against abortion, but to be for life, and I think that’s a really important distinction. As Christians, we are called to help all people flourish, and in the case of an unplanned pregnancy, there’s one person who has absolutely no voice that we can hear, and the church stands in the gap for that.”

Will you as a church, an individual, or a family stand in the gap for Casper’s unborn?

For more information on any of these events or program ideas and how you can participate and help “the least of these,” contact Terry at 473-2275 or

A Shout-Out for the Hymn Sing!

And, our deepest thanks to Pastor Tippin and the congregation of First Presbyterian Church – EPC, to Zach Vreeman, choirmaster, to our MC Ashley Bright, and to Kurt Knecht for the AWESOME Hymn Sing for Life event! Our deepest gratitude also to all who so generously donated! Your support of True Care’s ministry is so vital and so appreciated. As Pastor Tippin said, “Get ready for Hymn Sing for Life 2!” next year!!


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