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Filmmakers Shine Light of Truth on Abortion

Whereas much of Hollywood glamorizes abortion, two documentaries shine the light of truth on the procedure, which has taken millions of unborn lives and affected the lives of women in the 40+ years since Roe v. Wade.

The film HUSH was developed a few years ago by three people: self-proclaimed pro-choice proponent and director Punam Kumar Gill, pro-life executive producer Drew Martin, and “neutral” producer Joses Martin; the film looks at the effects of abortion on women’s health. The award-winning documentary took more than a year to research and features interviews with people from both sides of the abortion issue. According to a statement released by the film’s creators, “We hope to encourage thoughtful and healthy discussion, disagreement, questioning and further research from our audiences.” Learn more at If you’re interested in seeing this intriguing film, contact Terry Winship at True Care at; she can loan you a copy.

Another documentary, still being developed, is called The Matter of Life. Filmmaker Tracy Martin of Mercy Tree Films, originally intended to create a film about pregnancy centers after making several short videos for the Ventura County Pregnancy Center in California. As she learned more about abortion, she re-directed the focus of her film.

“What started out as a film about pregnancy centers has turned into a film about abortion,” Martin said during an interview with freelance writer and True Care Women’s Resource Center staff member Gayle Irwin. “This film will offer the audience practical ideas to help women in unplanned pregnancies and ways to take part in making abortion unthinkable. The audience will also learn about the ingrained motives and system of Planned Parenthood and how they have influenced culture. What started as a film about pregnancy centers became a film about abortion.”

The documentary will feature interviews with former abortionists as well as compelling stories from pregnancy center clients and profiles of life-affirming groups such as Save the Storks.

“I’ve always had a heart for filmmaking—telling stories is my calling,” Martin said. “I want to show people the truth.”

Martin continues to seek funding for her project, anticipating a late 2018 release. Learn more at

Although most Hollywood voices tout Planned Parenthood in a favorable, positive light, others who are not afraid to show the truth are also speaking out, sometimes to extreme criticism. May those of us who stand with the unborn and their mothers be as brave as these filmmakers.

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