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The Benefits of Volunteering

When a person volunteers their time and talent, benefits are reaped, for both the server and the one being served. Research shows many benefits to volunteering, both internal  and external, from health to social. Communities are helped and strengthened by volunteers. People who call themselves Christians derive an added benefit: serving others serves the Lord – remember what Jesus said in Matthew 25:40: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you did for me.”

At True Care, we believe in service. Our goal, as both staff and volunteers, is to minister to others. We serve the hurting, confused woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. We serve the voiceless – the unborn – and we serve families. Through our medical platform, providing pregnancy tests, std testing and treatment, and limited obstetrical ultrasound, we give women the answers they need regarding their pregnancy: (1) Am I really pregnant? (2) If so, how far along am I? (3) Do I have an STD that could affect my future fertility?

How Can I Help?

As important as these medical services are, just as important are compassionate, faith-filled women who serve as advocates. True Care’s volunteer Patient Advocates provide a listening ear, pregnancy options consultation, and important community resources to give confidence and encouragement to pregnant women who may see abortion as their only choice. They hear the hurting woman, her fears, her situation, and they help her turn those fears into confidence and provide resources to help her in her life’s circumstance. In addition, Program Advocates for Baby & Me, the long-term parenting course we provide our patients, also give women encouragement: to become the best mom they can be. These advocates walk alongside patients who enroll in the program, offering compassion and a listening ear as well an important parenting information. This mentorship gives women who may have seriously considered abortion the support they need to carry their babies to term.

True Care needs more advocates, both to meet with patients during their initial visit (Patient Advocates) and to serve in the Baby and Me program (Program Advocates). These volunteers are vital to our ministry. True Care has a 30-year history in Casper because of volunteers – we need volunteers to help us continue this ministry into the future.

Can you give one to four hours a week to help women in our community? If so, please seriously consider joining our volunteer team! Not only will you be helping True Care’s mission to erase the perceived need for abortion in our community, but you will be serving the Lord by serving “the least of these” – the scared, the lonely, the confused… and their voiceless unborn.

Volunteers impact lives and oftentimes transform their own through their service, especially in their walk with Christ. One woman who volunteers at a pregnancy center recently wrote an article outlining reasons why she gives her time to that ministry. Those reasons include: becoming a better listener; becoming more respectful and less judgmental; and having more opportunities to extend God’s grace. Read her commentary here:

More than 400 women walk through True Care’s doors every year; more than 80% of them choose life for their babies after meeting with an advocate and seeing her unborn on the ultrasound screen. Advocates and Nurses work together to make a difference for life in Natrona County and beyond. They made a difference for women like Acacia, Michelle, and Rachel (watch her video below):


Will You Share Your Heart, Time and Talent?

September has arrived – a new season has dawned. Could this be a new season for you as well, a time to allow the Lord to use you to impact lives at True Care?

Learn more about volunteering, and the training True Care provides, by contacting Gayle Irwin, Patient Resource Director, at 307-472-2810 or

What benefits might you encounter by volunteering as a True Care advocate? One certainly will be hearing God say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

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