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Why Pregnancy Centers Matter

Whe Tosha contacted the True Care Scheduling Line, she said that she intended to abort her pregnancy. Meeting with our Advocate, she explained why her mind was set on that choice.

“My second pregnancy was difficult, and my baby ended up with a heart defect and other abnormalities,” the young mom said. “He’s had four heart surgeries. I can’t go through that agony again. I had to quit my job in order to be with him and all the medical bills have been difficult to pay.”

She said her boyfriend was undecided as to what he wanted her to do; he was concerned for her health as well as the baby’s.

Tosha was too early for an ultrasound and refused the opportunity to have one. She left still planning to abort even though our Nurse suggested she speak to a doctor regarding the chances of her current unborn child having the same issues or any at all.

During a medical follow-up call, our Nurse learned that Tosha had not aborted. She had talked with a physician and decided to continue her pregnancy.

“May I still have an ultrasound?” Tosha inquired.

Our Nurse scheduled her for an appointment, and Tosha and her boyfriend came. They were excited to see the image of their seven-week-old unborn on the screen, especially to learn its tiny heartbeat was within a normal range of its gestational age. They left with calm in their hearts and smiles on their faces… planning to parent.

Tosha’s story is just one example as to why pregnancy centers like True Care are important. Had we not been here for Tosha, she would not have been encouraged to talk with a physician regarding her medical concerns before having an abortion. Her life, the life of her child, and likely the life of the father, would have been gravely impacted.

Pregnancy centers matter. We are here for women like Tosha, and any woman in our community who considers abortion. They learn the truth about their pregnancies through medical consultations, options education, ultrasound, and STD testing. They learn of valuable community resources they often don’t know about. They learn about parenting and adoption through our long-term education programs. They find encouragement through meeting with our advocates, nurses, and our Early KinCare Pregnancy Resource Coordinator. And, they are introduced to God’s love and grace as our advocates share the Gospel with them.

This year we have welcomed more than 350 women to our center. Nearly half of those with positive pregnancy tests were assessed as abortion-minded or abortion-determined, a significant increase over last year. More than three-quarters were open to hearing the Gospel, and some accepted Christ during their appointments.Pregnancy centers are important, not only in saving the lives of unborn children, but also because women are offered hope, inspiration, and confidence – things they may not receive anywhere else.          

As the year draws to a close, we hope you will consider a year-end gift to True Care so that we can continue helping women like Tosha, turning their fears into confidence. Contribute to truth, contribute to hope, contribute to life! You can make a year-end donation by visiting our secure giving page: Or you can mail in your gift (P.O. Box 2346, Casper, 82602) or even stop by the center during regular business hours (Tuesday and Thursday, 10 am to 5 pm and Wednesday 1 to 5:30 pm). Thank you for thinking of True Care and the hundreds of women and their unborn that we serve.


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