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Why We Run or Walk for Life

The 18-year-old came to True Care with her sister and mother. She had kept her pregnancy secret for several months. Her sister made the appointment not only to confirm the pregnancy, but to receive resources. Adoption was on the table; the family suspected the girl was 20 to 22 weeks along. The ultrasound showed otherwise – “Heidi” was 38 weeks pregnant!

We run/walk for Heidi – and others ashamed to confide in their family or friends, or who often see abortion as their best or only option due to circumstances – providing them a variety of services, including resources such as physicians and, for those who qualify, instant access to Medicaid.

Saturday, June 2, 2018 marks this year’s Run/Walk for Life, an annual event that helps sustain True Care. This fundraiser is one of our biggest of the year, bringing in much-needed dollars to continue the ministry. Sponsored runners and walkers are vital to helping us help the women of our community. Women like:

  • “Lucia,” a 45-year-old whose youngest was 14 and eldest 21. She saw no alternative except abortion, yet her faith taught against the taking of an unborn life. Torn, she visited with our Resource Coordinator, who not only shared her own abortion story, but also spoke about the many community agencies that could help our patient. Lucia decided on abortion; however, two weeks later, she called the office and asked to meet with our Resource Coordinator again. She recognized signs that prevented her from abortion, not once, but twice. “I saw God in that,” she said later. “I’m going to parent.”
  • “Jamie,” a 15-year-old from another town whose mother drove her to True Care. Also a Christian, Jamie told her Advocate the family had thought about abortion and even called a clinic to schedule an appointment. But, when Jamie’s mother told the clinic how far along her daughter likely was and learned the type of procedure she’d have, the family decided not to follow-through with the appointment; they came to True Care instead. Our staff went the extra mile and found resources in Jamie’s community to help her. Before leaving, mother and daughter hugged and thanked the advocate, resource coordinator, and receptionist. “You’re all so kind,” Jamie said. “We’re so appreciative for all you do for girls like my daughter,” her mother added to the conversation. “Thank you for being here.”

"Being here” – True Care IS here for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. We’ve been in the Casper community for more than 30 years, and we want to continue being here far into the future. That’s why we run, that’s why we walk – for life, the lives of both the unborn and their mothers. For families. For God. Our pro-life, faith-based work is ultimately work for the Lord. “Let the little children come unto me,” Jesus said (Matthew 19:14).

Will you join us in this year’s Run/Walk for Life? Sign up to be a sponsored runner/walker and raise funds for True Care for our life-saving, Christ-centered work. And, if you can’t make the event on June 2, choose a date and a place that fits your schedule. Sign up today at our website: or contact Terry or Lilly at 307-472-2810 for further information and a registration packet.

Interested in the 5K run? You can sign up through ( or contact Lilly or Terry for more information.

Become a sponsored runner/walker – for the women, their unborn, their families, and for God!


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