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Why What We Do Matters

The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.' – Matthew 25:40 (NIV)


This year True Care entered its 31st year of helping women in Casper and other nearby communities who experience unplanned pregnancies. We began back in 1987 by providing pregnancy tests, options consultations, maternity clothing and baby supplies. In 2005 we became a medical clinic with nurses trained in the procedures of pregnancy testing and limited obstetrical ultrasound, and continued to grow by adding limited sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, parenting and sexual integrity classes and, in recent years, developing a resource program and implementing a fatherhood program. What True Care does matters.

Each step, each service, has been for the benefit of the women we serve. Some might call them “the least of these.” But, God created them, and He created the unborn children within them. They, like all people, are made in His image. We are here to help, to educate and to guide the ladies God brings to our door. Ladies like Josie.

The 40-year-old found out about True Care through the Internet. Her life was “a mess,” she said.

“I’m homeless, jobless, and had a one-night stand,” she told her Advocate. “The father was very angry when I told him and called me a ‘whore.’ I can’t take care of myself – how can I take care of a child? My life is hopeless.”

She admitted she was depressed about her situation and she was seriously considering abortion. She also admitted she hadn’t eaten a decent meal in several days. The Advocate noted she could her our patient’s stomach growl.

As they waited for her pregnancy test result, the Advocate talked about having a relationship with Christ, where she can find hope. Josie said she believed in God and at one time had made a commitment to Christ, and she began to cry as her Advocate shared the Gospel with her. When asked her thoughts, Josie said, “I think this is what I needed to hear today. Thank you for reminding me of God’s love and presence.”

She accepted a Bible and after the ultrasound, she agreed to meet with our Resource Coordinator, where she was provided with several community referrals, including counselors who accept Medicaid and those with a sliding fee scale. Before our patient left, the Advocate gave her the contents of her own lunch, bringing Josie to tears; she gratefully accepted the food. Undecided as to what she would do regarding her pregnancy, she agreed to come back the following week for another ultrasound.

When she returned, Josie told her Advocate she was emotionally “much better,” but physically felt nausea constantly. “That’s part of pregnancy, though,” our patient stated.

“You all have been so kind and helpful. I now have a safe place to live and I put in a job application at one of the nursing homes. The resources you gave me have given me more hope. I think this might be a blessing in disguise."

The ultrasound revealed a seven-week-old on the screen. Although she left still undecided as to the outcome of her pregnancy, Josie told her Advocate, “I feel good – I feel a lot more hopeful.”

Hope comes from God, and we at True Care are the instruments He uses to provide that hope. From the medical services and options education to the Gospel presentation and the community resources, True Care offers the hope women experiencing unplanned pregnancies need. That’s why what we do matters.


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