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Casper Youth Stand With True Care in Support of Life

They came bearing gifts, just as the Wise Men brought offerings to the Christ child. But instead of elderly men on camels with precious metals and fragrances, these gift-bearers were teens bringing supplies for a pregnancy center.

The youth group from Boyd Avenue Baptist Church recently blessed True Care Women’s Resource Center with office supplies and materials for moms and babies. In June, these young people engaged in a fundraising endeavor and used the money to purchase items such as diapers, baby clothes, pacifiers, copy paper, and Post-It notes. They conducted two bake sales at different locations in the community, raising nearly $200.

“Abortion is something we all feel strongly about,” said 15-year-old Lynn Heyer, a member of the youth group who helped with the bake sales. “True Care is a ministry – they share pregnancy options with the women who come in and they share the Gospel,”

“Women need help, they need support,” said 16-year-old Abbi Tharp, also a member of the youth group which conducted the fundraiser. “It’s important for women to know their options.”

True Care has also received support this summer from Wind City Church’s Vacation Bible School. The VBS group chose our pregnancy center as their mission outreach for the week and invited True Care’s President, Terry Winship, to the final gathering. The kids presented the bottles to her as well as several packages of diapers.

The youngsters raised more than $300 for True Care’s ministry.

Additionally, Bethany Tippin, youngest daughter of Pastor Mark Tippin from Grace Reformed Church at City Park, hosted a lemonade stand earlier this summer and donated the proceeds from her sales to True Care.

These are not the first young people that have helped our organization over the years. The Little Flowers of St. Anthony’s Tri-Parish Schools have participated in the annual Walk for Life fundraiser, and Kyle Gudger, adopted son of Darcie and John Gudger, is so thankful his birth mother made an adoption plan through a Colorado pregnancy center, that he collects money in baby bottles year-round and donates the money to True Care.

Terry believes youth are vital to the pro-life movement.

“It is important for young people to become involved with the pro-life movement because they learn the truth about the movement – we’re not crazy people who intentionally lie to women or who only want their babies,” she said. “Hopefully, they learn that all human life is valuable because we are made in the image of God, our Creator.  They learn that there are people willing to make sacrifices so that others may know the truth about abortion and so that unborn lives are saved – those who work in the pro-life movement, but also courageous, selfless birth mothers and fathers.”

Knowing young people in Casper have a passion for life and for True Care inspires all of us at True Care.

“It is so very encouraging, having invested 20 years of my life to pregnancy center ministry, to meet young folks who want to become involved in the pro-life movement,” Terry said. “The battle for life will continue, and it is so good to know that the next generation of life-affirming warriors are being equipped, and that they understand how much unborn lives matter!”

True Care thanks all the young people who show their love for God in their support for True Care and our mission!


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