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True Care - More Than a Pregnancy Test

When she came to the Center, “Jessie” told her Advocate she was homeless and jobless. She often slept in her car, but occasionally stayed on a friend’s couch. The young woman told the Advocate she planned to abort if she was pregnant.

“I can’t take care of myself; how can I take care of a baby?” she questioned.

As the Advocate reviewed all of Jessie’s pregnancy options, a rumbling in the patient’s stomach caught her attention. Before the young woman left, our compassionate Advocate went to the Center’s refrigerator and gave Jessie her lunch. Through tears, Jessie said, “I can’t remember the last time I ate. Thank you for doing this for me!”

Our patient left still planning to abort. During a follow-up phone call several weeks later, the Advocate discovered Jessie was still pregnant. Some things in her life had changed, including the fact that she now had a job and a place to live. However, she had not received medical care since her appointment at True Care. Therefore, the Advocate encouraged Jessie to sign up for our Resource Program. She is considering an adoption plan and was also encouraged to sign up for adoption education through the center’s Baby & Me Program.

True Care is more than a free pregnancy test. In addition to the medical services we offer, including ultrasound and limited std testing, our advocates and follow-up specialists engage with our patients, learning their needs and responding as the Holy Spirit prompts them. The Advocate’s gift of her own lunch touched Jesse’s heart and filled her stomach; she witnessed the love of Christ in action.

So, too, did “Emily,” who also came to the center planning to abort. After seeing what appeared to be two heartbeats on the ultrasound screen, her heart and mind went into overdrive.

“I’m a twin,” she said. “I lost my sister when we were 19.”

She left the initial appointment undecided. When she returned for her second ultrasound, the image of the two beating hearts appealed to her own heart, and she decided to parent.

Listening to these women, showing them compassion and nonjudgement, giving them encouragement, education, and resources can only happen because of you. We rely on donors, prayer warriors, volunteers, and others – without them, without YOU-- we couldn’t reach the women at-risk for abortion in our community. Jessie and Emily are women YOU helped because you support True Care! If we weren’t here, there would have been no lunch for Jessie, no follow-up, and, therefore, no connection to provide her encouragement, resources, and a listening ear. If True Care wasn’t here, Emily would not have known she was carrying twins, providing that reminder of her sister, which helped her choose life over death.

True Care is more than just a place to get a free pregnancy test. Thank you for your support of our ministry! We can’t do this work without YOU!



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