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Why True Care Exists -- And How You Make That Possible!

“I’m pro-choice; I think women have a right to choose, but for me personally I couldn’t live with it if I had an abortion.”

Those words came from 19-year-old Kristin, a recent True Care patient. During her initial visit, she had been undecided as to the outcome of her pregnancy. The father of her baby was pushing Kristin to abort. However, a discussion with her mother prior to her second visit sealed the young woman’s decision to continue her pregnancy.

“Both my mom and my aunt had abortions and both have severe depression; my mom attributes that to their abortions,” Kristin said. “Why would I be with a guy who would want that for me?”

Pressure by the father of the baby and other family members often cause women to choose abortion. Yet, Kristin maturely saw through her boyfriend’s wall of coercion and looked toward her future mental and physical health. She met with Cheryl, True Care’s Resource Coordinator, who shared her own story of abortion and the struggles she faced afterward. Cheryl helped Kristin qualify for Medicaid as well as provided other resources to help her with financial concerns. Afterward, Kristin smiled and said, “I knew I was making the right choice by coming back and planning to parent. Knowing I have help is wonderful, and seeing the baby on the ultrasound was so cool!”

We are here for women like Kristin: the confused, scared, pressured, and uncertain. We turn fears into confidence. And, we are here to empower these women because of YOU!

Our recent Making a Difference Fundraising Dessert brought in much-needed funds. When Cheryl’s grant-funded position threatened to go away because of non-renewal of the grant, the True Care Board of Directors recognized the value of the Resource Program; they stepped out in faith to keep Cheryl on staff full-time, adding a significant amount to our organization’s budget. Gifts and pledges made at the Dessert helped cover that additional expense.

We’re not done providing relevant and necessary services for our patients. Fathering in 15 is a new program that began earlier this year, providing education for fathers-to-be whose girlfriends/wives are True Care patients. In addition, we will continue to offer professional development and training opportunities for our nursing staff. This also contributes to True Care’s budget.

As we close one fundraising endeavor, we prepare for another. #GivingTuesday, an online global event for the past decade, takes place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. True Care will again participate in this special one-day fundraising event. Our goal is to raise at least $10,000. We have donors who have stepped up to match what is given that day up to $6,500.00. Please pray about how you might be able to participate, helping us achieve our goal and start 2019 strong. Be ready to partner with us on Tuesday, November 27, helping more women like Kristin feel empowered to choose life!

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