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Year at a Glance

Can you believe we are approaching the end of another year? As the staff at True Care reflects upon 2018, we wanted to share with you, our supporters and friends, what’s transpired at our center in 2018.

As of the end of November, we had seen 286 women walk through our doors. Although that number is down slightly from 2017, we’ve seen more abortion-minded and abortion-determined patients; in fact, 50 percent of our patients were assessed as minded/determined in 2018. The number of unborn lives saved actually INCREASED this year – by nearly 5 percent! Praise the Lord!

New Programs

True Care unveiled two new programs in 2018: Adopt-a-College Student and Fathering in 15.

Thanks to some gracious donors, five True Care moms who are enrolled at Casper College received extra blessings in the way of textbooks, supplies, and encouraging notes. Our Adopt-a-College-Student Program began with the fall semester and featured a special holiday gathering for sponsors and students in November. We patterned this program after Sheridan’s pregnancy center endeavor to help their college-attending moms. We have two student-moms who need sponsors for the new semester, starting in January. A minimum commitment of $50 is needed to help the woman with a textbook and/or other supplies. If you’d be interested in being part of our Adopt-a-College-Student Program, please contact Cheryl at our office: 472-2810 ext. 14.

True Care launched a fatherhood program in February 2018. Fathering in 15 is a program developed by the National Fatherhood Initiative. Dads-to-be watch a short video and discuss the contents and applicability with an advocate. These new fathers come with the mothers of their child and participate in the Baby & Me class; the dad-class is added at the end. Each parent-to-be receives a special gift at the end of their sessions. So far, four fathers have graduated from this new program. We look forward to serving more young men in 2019!

Continuing Our Resource Program

About this time last year, we learned the grant which had funded our Resource Program and Cheryl, our coordinator, would not be renewed. During the five years since the program started, we saw how much our patients benefitted, from Medicaid sign-up and smoking cessation enrollment to housing and employment referrals. Our Board of Directors took a leap of faith and decided to wrap the program into True Care’s annual budget. Through the Lord’s provision and Holy Spirit’s promptings, each fundraising endeavor brought in more revenue than expected, allowing True Care to absorb the added cost. This year, Cheryl has completed 84 Medicaid applications and had more than 500 patient contacts, including phone calls. Not allowing this program to fade may be why we’ve seen an increase in the number of babies saved in light of the increase in the number of abortion-minded and determined women who walked through our doors this year.


We are ending the year with deep gratitude. We are grateful to God for the women He continues to bring to our center, for the opportunity to speak life into ladies who may see abortion as their best or only option, to empower them, and to provide them with resources necessary for that empowerment. We are also very grateful to you, our donors and supporters. Because of you and your response to God’s love for women and their unborn, we are here for these women, and we are providing them resources they need, both in-house and in our community.

Thank you, friends, for helping us continue the mission of erasing the perceived need for abortion in our community by effectively serving pregnant, at-risk women, turning their fears into confidence!

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