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Shine the Light

She came to our Center thinking she was about 15 weeks along. She was undecided, but she told her Advocate she was leaning toward abortion. When the nurse saw her for the health history portion of the appointment, she noticed the 16-year-old’s protruding belly and thought the girl was likely much farther along. The ultrasound confirmed our nurse’s suspicion; “Georgia” was nearly 37 weeks pregnant! Upon meeting again with her Advocate, our young patient asked, “So, is it too late for me to get an abortion?”

Staff hearts were heavy that afternoon. Many of us wonder how a woman, whether younger or older, can view the image of her nearly fully-developed unborn, kicking and dancing in the womb, and still ask about abortion.

Late-term abortions do happen, and not just in New York. The closest late-term abortionist to Casper is located in Colorado. There is no restriction on abortion in that state. Six other states and the District of Columbia are the same; interestingly, California is not among them.

There is no doubt the world and culture around us is dark. Abortionists who do late-term pregnancy termination advertise without guilt, and some in the media help them be emboldened.  Women are encouraged to “Shout Your Abortion;” there’s even a book with that title.  “Abortion is Normal” the website claims. Sadly, several generations have grown up with abortion being “normal.” We are not called to judge women who have experienced abortion, but God does call for repentance – and for us as His followers to be truthful about what is life and what is death. In Jeremiah 21:8, we are told, “Behold I set before you the way of life and the way of death.”

In a world that celebrates the death of unborn children, those of us on the front lines in prolife pregnancy centers can feel like a tidal wave of darkness is about to drown us. We become weighed down with heaviness when three out of the four patients seen in a day leave planning to abort. That’s why one of True Care’s core values is having a fighting spirit. Some days drag us down; it takes a fighting spirit to get back up again.

Another of our core values is being Christ-centered. Jesus said, “I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life” (John 8:12). In Matthew 5:14, He says, “You are the light of the world” and He instructs us to “let your light shine before others that they might see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” We attempt to do that each day we open the doors at True Care: to be the light and love of Christ to all of our patients, whether they choose to parent, adopt, or abort.

“Georgia” must have sensed that. A few hours after she left, she spoke with her family and called our office. She said, “I’m going to make an adoption plan.” Can you hear us cheering and praising God?!

Our prolife community has opportunity to shine our lights on Saturday. The Casper March for Life takes place at City Park this Saturday, January 26, at 2 pm. We don’t have to shout, we will just walk and pray. Through our quiet corporate prayers and stance, we will be a beacon in this dark culture. Learn more about the community March for Life, hosted by Natrona4Life, by visiting this Facebook page:

A benefit, formal dance for True Care and for Laramie’s Heart to Heart pregnancy center, hosted by community youth, will be held at 7 pm that evening at First Baptist Church, located downtown on Beech Street. The event is open to anyone, no matter their age. Formal dress required. For more information about the dance contact Kennedee at 307-797-2151.

Together, we can be the light of Christ amid the darkness of abortion!

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