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Embrace Grace: Bringing Our Brokenness to God

“For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people.” – Titus 2:11


Earlier this month, True Care advocates began handing out boxes wrapped with pink bows to single women whose pregnancy tests are positive. These “Love Boxes” contain words of encouragement, a onesie, and an invitation to take part in a new program called Embrace Grace.

Through a partnership with Paradise Valley Christian Church, this endeavor seeks to bring single women who experience an unplanned pregnancy closer to God. That happens through fellowship and mentorship with Christian women. The ladies at this local Casper church are taking on an important task: loving scared, broken, young women with the love of Christ and introducing them to the Savior.

Based in Texas, Embrace Grace seeks to empower women with intended pregnancies through local churches, equipping the church “to be a safe and non-judging place” that can provide “emotional, practical and spiritual support.” Oftentimes such support is not part of these women’s lives; that’s one reason True Care offers our Baby & Me Program. However, Embrace Grace can take this endeavor even further, through the development of fellowship and friendship. As these women gather with Christian ladies in the community, they will learn about the grace of God – and see it modeled.

The Bible tells us that “all sin and fall short of the glory of God” (see Romans 3:23). Many times, women with unplanned pregnancies feel judged by the church. Through Embrace Grace, they will find love and grace through a relationship with Christ and through the love poured upon them by the church; in this case by the ladies at Paradise Valley Christian Church. When we bring our brokenness to God, we “embrace grace” and the mercy and love He freely offers.

The leader of Casper’s Embrace Grace program is one of True Care’s Patient Advocates, Jenn Steffenhagen. Her passion to help women choose life for their babies and choose eternal life through the saving grace of God shines as she speaks to her church, to other organizations in our community, and to the women who visit True Care.

 "This curriculum is beautifully done,” said Jenn. “These women are at a pivotal point in their lives – a fork in the road. It takes courage to make changes, and sometimes you need someone to travel that road with you. We can’t solve their problems for them, but we can introduce them to the One who can.”

Jenn has been mentored by the national team in Texas and by the director of the Gillette, Wyoming pregnancy center. That center also partners with a church in their community to offer Embrace Grace to patients of Women’s Resource Center of Northeast Wyoming.

We are excited to see this program launch next month! And, we ask your prayers over Jenn, her team of volunteers and their church.

As True Care refers women to this new program and church partnership, we embrace the work God will do through His servants, including Jenn and her team. And we pray our patients will embrace the love and mercy of Jesus. Please, pray for all the women involved, both the grace-seekers and the grace-givers.

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