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"Unplanned" Shines the Light on the Darkness of Abortion

“What I have told people for years,
what I’ve believed and taught and defended, is a lie.
What if I’d known the truth,
and what if I’d told all those women?”


These words are found on the back jacket of Abby Johnson’s book, Unplanned. A #1 Bestseller on Amazon and a 2012 Retailers Choice Award winner, her true story was recently updated, expanded, and re-released earlier this month, just as the movie by the same name comes to theaters, including Casper’s eastside Studio City.

Abby’s story is compelling. A former Planned Parenthood clinic director in Texas – she even won an Employee of the Year award – this young woman walked away from money and prestige after witnessing an abortion. She once believed she and the organization she worked for were helping women, but her mind and heart opened to the truth of what abortion does to women … and to the unborn.

In addition to the book and movie Unplanned, Abby authored another book, The Walls Are Talking, in which she shares stories of former abortion workers. Her organization, And Then There Were None, helps those workers leave the abortion industry and find healing from their experiences. More than 500 have been helped.

There is healing after abortion for both former abortion workers and for women who have had abortions (or men whose girlfriends/wives experienced abortions). True Care partners with Save One to offer abortion healing. Our community’s Abortion Concern Network connects people who have experienced abortion but feel they have no one to talk to with someone who has had that experience, too, and received healing.

There is light at the end of the dark tunnel of abortion, for workers, for post-abortive women and men, and for society. During this spring’s 40 Days for Life Campaign, which began March 6, more than 200 unborn lives have been saved from death by abortion, and therefore, more than 200 women have been saved from the physical and emotional side-effects of abortion. These prayer vigils also provide opportunity to positively impact abortion workers. Pro-life legislation is making headway and headlines in many states. Legislation was recently passed in Utah prohibiting abortion after 18 weeks and preventing abortion specifically based on a baby’s diagnosis of Down Syndrome. In a society permeated by abortion on demand, including up to birth, pro-lifers are pushing back the darkness with the light of love for the unborn, their mothers, and fathers.

The movie “Unplanned” has opportunity to impact people with the truth, just as “Gosnell” did last year. Thanks to brave people like Abby Johnson and the producers, writers, and directors of PureFlix, God’s light of love, mercy, and truth will be broadcast throughout the country in the coming days and weeks. Let’s take part in shining that light by encouraging our friends, family, and neighbors to see this movie and to read the book on which it is based.

Watch the film trailer here:


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