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Adopt-A-College-Student: Encouraging Women to Continue Their Pregnancies and Their Education

Approximately 270 women had a positive pregnancy test at True Care last year; many were college students, or at are least of college-age. However, attending school while pregnant can be difficult.

True Care sees patients who attend institutions of higher education and plan to abort their pregnancies because of school. Finances play into that as well. Whether it is the fear of losing a scholarship or concerns about pursuing an education while pregnant, some women believe they have to choose one or the other: school or baby. However, that isn’t true, and at True Care, we strive to help young women understand that.

Empowering Women to Further Their Education

We started a program last fall called Adopt-A-College-Student, in which we pair a donor with one of our patients who attends college. Through the program, these donors assist and encourage pregnant women who have chosen life for their babies and who wish to continue their education. Six young moms have received funds for text books, encouraging notes from their “sponsors,” and special gifts for the holidays. We have a young woman now waiting for a sponsor as she plans to attend college this summer – could you be the person to encourage her?

We also need a few more supporters for the moms planning to return or start their education this fall. Contact Cheryl, our Resource Coordinator, at 307-472-2810 for more information. A minimum financial commitment of $50 to help buy a textbook is required. Being empowered to continue their education allows single women to dream and achieve, to have hope and confidence.

Without a degree, or at least a high school diploma, single mothers often experience financial difficulties. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 80 percent of single-parent households are headed by women, and 40 percent of children in such a situation live in poverty. Therefore, higher education for pregnant and single moms is vital to lift both out of poverty. Through True Care’s Adopt-A-College-Student program, together we are helping moms and their little ones experience the opportunity of a better life.

One of our participating patients recently said, “Thank you for this tremendous help … I consider you an angel.” Our Resource Coordinator said, “This isn’t just a handout for the girls. These students and their donors have developed a very close relationship.”

Saving Babies from Abortion

We are also saving unborn lives.

According to a 2014 Guttmacher Institute report, more than 40 percent of Planned Parenthood clients either were attending college or had some college education and another 35 percent were in or had graduated high school. These students need to know they can still obtain an education while pregnant or parenting, whether online or on campus.

Another study by the Guttmacher Institute discovered that education plays a significant role in a decision to abort or continue the pregnancy. The majority of survey respondents cited finances as a major reason they chose abortion (73 percent). The most common sub-reason under that category was that the woman believed she couldn’t afford to have a baby due to being single (43 percent); the second most common sub-reason was she believed having a baby would interfere with her education (38 percent).

If most women who abort are in their 20s and a significant percentage of them fear pregnancy would interfere with their education, Adopt-A-College-Student is relevant to our target market because we can help them feel more empowered to carry their pregnancies to term through the simple act of purchasing a textbook or two and the blessing of encouraging words throughout the semester.

Want to make a difference in the life of a single mother who desires to make a better life for herself and her child? Adopt one of our college students! Please call Cheryl at 307-472-2810.

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