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Choosing to Share the American Dream

Guest Post by Hannah Tippin


Earlier this month, True Care hosted a large fundraising event, our annual Walk for Life. The endeavor brings together supporters from across the community, making a public stand to save unborn lives and empower the mothers who carry those babies. In April, Grace Reformed Church at City Park hosted a fundraising event for True Care called Hymn Sing for Life. Once again, people from around the community came out to support the important work we do. Both fundraising endeavors involved young people, and we are thankful for the youth and children who choose to stand for life.


This blog post is written by Hannah Tippin, a student attending the University of Wyoming, who participated in the April Hymn Sing. She used this writing as part of a class assignment regarding a service project, and she graciously said yes to having it posted on our blog.


Service Project Reflection

For my service experience I chose to volunteer with a pro-life organization for one of their fundraisers. This fundraiser was in Casper with an organization called True Care. True Care is the pregnancy center in Casper and they offer ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, etc. I have volunteered with this fundraiser for the last three years. The fundraiser is called the Hymn Sing for Life and it was on April 7th. They invite the entire community to this event and it takes place in a church. They find an amazing organist and they put a choir together from different churches and choirs in town. Then during the event people make bids on their favorite hymns and the four hymns with the highest bids at the end are sung by everyone. People hear testimonies about the effect True Care has made on their lives, they hear beautiful choral music and an amazing organ. The number one hymn this year won at $4,000. I helped out at this fundraiser by projecting the songs with the highest bids at the end of each bidding window and running the timer. This experience was absolutely incredible!

Every year during the event I am very stressed because figuring out which songs were bidded on the most in a very small span of time is extremely hard, but afterwards I am so thankful that I was able to help and contribute to such an amazing cause. This year we ended up raising over $31,000. This is one of the causes that I am the most passionate about. Even if only one life was saved through True Care each year, it would be more than worth it. One life can end up influencing so many others!

I chose this service experience because the people in charge of the Hymn Sing for Life asked me if I would be able to help run the technology for the event. This year they asked me to come back to Casper to help out and I am so glad that I did! I always enjoy helping other people and when I hear a testimony each year, it reminds me that I would not want to miss this fundraiser for anything. I think that it is absolutely incredible and heartwarming how much this one afternoon can change other people’s lives.

Volunteering is such an essential part of everyone’s educational experience. Honors students are expected to be well-rounded and extremely gifted in every subject. No student is a master of all courses. I think having volunteer experience shows people that you are capable of good time management; because we are taking multiple challenging classes and we are also getting out of the classroom and helping others. Every time you volunteer you have the potential to learn something new and that could end up coming in helpful in the future.  I believe that Honors students should also always go above and beyond to help others. A lot of us are so extremely blessed and we should strive to help serve others.

I believe that this fundraiser has many connections to the topic of dreams and reality and also the American Dream. Some people dream of being able to start a family and have the classic 2.5 children and the only way they can is by adopting. If some people choose to have an abortion then another family’s dream will never become a reality. People want to have the ability to grow their family and show their love to another human. The American Dream focuses a lot on the opportunities for citizens. By choosing life, you are giving the precious baby a world full of opportunities for the future. The baby will be allowed to grow up to be whatever they want to be and maybe start their own family. I cannot imagine any American Dream greater than that!

One of the major textual connections that I made was to Hamilton. Hamilton is fighting to be able to guarantee freedom for his family. He wants to be able to support his family no matter what. Even if people choose life but they put their child up for adoption; they are allowing another family to feel the joy of being able to support another human being and seeing them grow up into an amazing person. When Eliza first tells Hamilton about the baby she tries to convince him to stop fighting in the war and be there for their family, “But you deserve a chance to meet your son”(52). Hamilton did not realize, at first, how important having a son would be and how much that would change his life. I believe that the pregnancy center is just like Eliza. True Care is trying to help people choose life and tell them all of their options for the future. Hamilton ended up loving his son so much, “If I could spare his life If I could trade his life for mine He’d be standing here right now”(117).

In the beginning, Hamilton was hesitant about becoming a father but in the end he was willing to sacrifice his own life. Many people who consider abortion and then choose life end up loving their child so much that they would sacrifice everything to protect them. Some people just need to be informed of their options and have their eyes opened to the incredible future that could lie ahead.

This service experience was so meaningful to me and I am so thankful that I was able to contribute to this amazing cause. When people choose life, they are allowing someone else to develop an American Dream and be able to turn their dreams into reality. From Hamilton, to the present day, to the future generations we should strive to make the American Dream achievable to everyone. A baby is a human that will be loved by someone and they deserve to make their own future choices. One person’s life can change the rest of the world!


True Care is grateful for the many young people who contribute to this ministry, through raising funds, buying and donating supplies, participating in fundraisers, even volunteering to clean the building, make copies, or restock and restack the supply closet of items for our patients in the Baby & Me and Resource programs. Our hearts are warmed and filled with joy to see children and youth involved in the battle for life! And, we thank Hannah for her work at the Hymn Sing and writing this article.

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