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An Advocate's Story & The Importance of Volunteers

Volunteers are important to True Care’s mission; we cannot serve in this ministry without them. Recently, one of our volunteers, who serves as an Advocate for the women who come through seeking medical confirmation of their pregnancies, shared her “best day” with us. The volunteer is Kennedee True, herself a young woman attending college and giving of time this summer to help women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Below is what Kennedee shared with us:


My fourth day acting as an advocate at True Care was by far my best day.  Best not because I was on time, or because I remembered my script correctly, or because I gave a polished gospel presentation, but best because of the young women I was allowed to meet.  Three abortion minded or determined patients presented that afternoon. 

The first, returning for STD test results, told me with a guarded visage that she had gone for an abortion the previous weekend and was doing well.  With fortified words, she kept at bay any emotion I might have ventured to feel and quenched any sentiment that might be brooding in her mind.  I was grateful to be a witness to the choice she had made, devastating though it is to all of us who know the Creator, but still a witness to see how this decision was already shaping the woman before me.

The second woman gave a constant flow of explanations and descriptions of why she had to get an abortion.   I silently prayed for truth to open her clouded eyes so she could see this was not her only option.

When I called the beautiful girl with a downcast face from the waiting room, I saw her stooped shoulders and frightened eyes.  The phrase, “How are you doing?” opened a flood of emotion, and she shared with me through tears the hopes and fears that washed over her, drowning every hope she had for new life.  In her words, I found a treasure much more precious than 100 “good” decisions.  A virtue greater than chastity shone in her eyes.  She was honest.  Honest with me and honest with herself.  Though I was inadequate of myself to answer the hopes and fears of this beautiful daughter of God who sat weeping before me, I felt a surge of joy run though me and gave thanks for her courage and strength which lead her to speak truthfully and face her fears with honesty.  I was humbled and in awe of this warrior before me, because honesty and truthfulness require great courage and fortitude.  As I stumbled to share the truth of God’s power, provision, love, and adequacy for her in this situation, I gave thanks that I could be witness to such courage and that God chose to let me be there.

Our adversary, the accuser, comes breathing out many lies; that we are alone in our battle against death and that God does not choose to use inadequate and insufficient servants.  Jesus is the Truth.  Could it be that every time we speak the truth or chose to look at ourselves and our inadequacies truthfully, we chose to allow His power, healing, and presence to enter our lives rather than trying to be enough for the challenge on our own?  Though she left that day uncertain of the choice she would make in the future, I was thankful to have been witness to honesty.  It was an absolute treat to meet this young lady of courage who spoke the truth.  I pray I will emulate her.


True Care relies upon volunteers as well as staff. Some who give their time, like Kennedee, serve as Advocates for our test patients, some as Advocates for the women going through our Baby & Me program, and others serve as Receptionists or help behind-the-scenes. We will be in need of more volunteer Advocates this fall as Kennedee returns to college and another volunteer Advocate returns to her teaching job. Would you consider serving one four-hour shift a week as a Test Patient Advocate?

To accomplish True Care’s mission of erasing the perceived need for abortion in our community, we need women passionate to help other women overwhelmed by an unexpected pregnancy. Training is provided and will begin in August. Contact Gayle Irwin, Patient Resources Director, at 307-472-2810 or via email at

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