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Wyoming Pregnancy Centers Positively Impact Women and Communities

True Care is one of eleven pregnancy centers in the state of Wyoming. These life-affirming organizations have separate boards of directors and are individual 501(c)(3) entities. However, each adheres to a code of ethics and care practices to ensure excellence in service and integrity in conduct.

Impact Report

A 2018 report generated by the directors of Wyoming’s pregnancy centers showed that these pro-life non-profits create a positive impact on the communities they serve and upon the state in which they reside. For example, nearly 1,000 women were given pregnancy tests and more than 1,100 ultrasound scans were performed – all at no charge. Additionally, 245 limited STD tests were conducted (4 of the 11 centers offer this service), again at no charge to the patient. Also, more than 1,100 women and men received prenatal and parenting classes, and more than 950 Wyoming families obtained baby supplies, such as diapers, wipes, and baby clothing and equipment, from these centers. Volunteers, including medical professionals, gave more than 10,100 hours of their time at Wyoming’s pregnancy centers. All this amounted to more than $414,000 of services provided free of charge to women and their families around the state last year.

Pregnancy centers in Wyoming rely on individuals, family foundations, churches, and businesses  for funding. They also host several fundraising events. True Care and the other centers in the state do not receive government funding due to so many strings attached. Our facility, and those throughout the state, are community-minded and community-focused, and therefore, rely on people in their communities for operating costs. Such donations allow us to make a positive impact on the residents living in our state.

True Care’s Impact in 2019

True Care primarily serves Natrona County. However, we also have patients who travel from Converse County and on occasion, from Fremont, Johnson, and Carbon counties. So far this year, True Care has performed more than 260 pregnancy tests, 90 percent of which were positive. More than 65 percent of the patients we’ve seen this year are new patients, responding to referrals from friends and family, ads on Facebook, and searches for help via the internet. We have seen an increased number of women who are abortion-minded or abortion-determined, which currently stands at 46 percent of the women we serve. Even with the increase in the number of those target patients, we’ve experienced an 11 percent increase in the number of unborn lives saved in 2019. We praise and thank God for His favor on reaching and impacting these women who see abortion as their first or only option!

We also impact women and families in other ways. Our Fathering in 15 Program, started two years ago, teaches young men the responsibility of fatherhood and being the head of the household. Our Adopt-a-College-Student Program, which began last fall, helps women who choose life for their babies attend college so they and their children will have the opportunity for a better future. An additional 15 to 20 people are positively affected by these new programs every year.

These numbers and this impact are possible because of people like you. True Care has part of the Casper community for more than 30 years. We became a medical pregnancy resource center in 2005, and many of our staff have served for 10 or more years. Volunteers, who are critical to our ministry, give an average of 100 hours every month. Donors are vital to maintaining our operations, for without funds, we could not offer medical services, pregnancy options education,  parenting/adoption information and education, or the abortion recovery program that we provide. The nearly 300 women we see each year would have nowhere to go, and their babies might never be born. We are so appreciative of our donors and supporters – without you, there would be no True Care Women’s Resource Center.

Thank You!

As the clock moves us toward the holiday season, we wanted to remind you of the positive work done at True Care and other pregnancy centers across the state. We also wanted to say THANK YOU – because of you, our wonderful supporters, including volunteers, we are accomplishing our mission to erase the perceived need for abortion by effectively serving pregnant, at-risk women and turning their fears into confidence.


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