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Make a Difference for Life on #GivingTuesday2019!

Twenty-seven-year-old Sandra was undecided about the outcome of her pregnancy. One of her strongest fears about carrying to term was raising two children alone.

“I already have one kid from the man who is also the father of this baby. He left us and wants nothing to do with us anymore. He wants me to abort the pregnancy,” she said.

She listened to the Advocate share the Gospel, and though she said she believed in God, she also said faith wasn’t a priority in her life. Our Advocate encouraged her to seriously consider how God could and would strengthen her if she asked Him. Sandra teared up as the Advocate further encouraged her, “You aren’t alone. God is with you and we are here for you. You can continue this pregnancy if that’s what you want to do.”

Sandra confessed, “I’ve had an abortion before, about six months after my first baby was born. It was an awful experience, and I really don’t want to go through it again. My family would support me if I continue the pregnancy – I just don’t want to be a burden to them.”

The Advocate reminded Sandra loved ones help one another, and if she thought her family would support her, they likely would.

After seeing her six-week-old on the ultrasound, Sandra decided to parent, and she signed up for our Resource program.

How True Care Helps Women

For more than 30 years, True Care has come alongside thousands of women just like Sandra, and during the past three years, the number of abortion-minded and undecided women walking through our doors has increased. Through professional, medical services, including limited obstetrical ultrasound and STD testing and treatment, and through compassionate advocates, these women are holistically treated with respect and concern.

To date in 2019, we have seen nearly 280 women, 91 percent of whom were experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Twenty-four percent of these women stated they were either undecided or planned to abort when they arrived for their appointments. We assessed 46% of them as likely to abort based on their risk factors. These are the harder cases, but the ones we want to see most. We have opportunity to speak – and show – life to them, just as we were able to do with Sandra a few weeks ago. The good news is, more than 190 unborn lives have been saved year to date.

Your Help is Critical

True Care cannot speak and show life to these women without you. YOU ARE VITAL TO THIS MINISTRY!

Donors and supporters are necessary to keep our doors open and to reach these women and save the lives of their unborn babies. Without funding, we cannot have medical professionals who perform ultrasounds. Without funding, we cannot market to our target audience. Without funding, we cannot offer our long-term programs, like Baby & Me and the Resource Program.

As we approach the giving season, we are asking you to help us help the women of our community. Help us reach them, help us teach them. We talk with them not only about their pregnancy options and provide that often life-saving ultrasound, but we also share about the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

As 2019 winds down, we ask our friends to reach into their hearts and pockets. The international day of giving, #GivingTuesday, is set for Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019. Our goal is God-sized: raising $20,000 in one day. A few generous friends have pledged a challenge gift totaling $9,500.00 to encourage others to give that day. Will you contribute to the cause of erasing the perceived need for abortion by joining us in serving pregnant, at-risk women and turning their fears into confidence? That’s what happened to Sandra. She heard the encouraging words from her advocate, words she would not have heard at an abortion clinic, and she saw the life within her on the ultrasound. She also heard God’s words of life and love, which she would not have heard at the abortion clinic. What she heard and saw that day saved her and her child.

We want to be the first stop for women considering abortion – we need your help to do that, to reach more women like Sandra. Please give on #GivingTuesday and help us impact more women like her. Learn more and give here:


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