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Reflections on 2019

Jackie came to see us from out-of-town. The 18-year-old was undecided about her pregnancy but leaned toward abortion.

“I had a one-night-stand with a guy. When I told him I might be pregnant, he got angry and told me to go get an abortion,” she told her Advocate. “I don’t live near my family and I work a lot so I don’t have many friends. My job involves a lot of heavy labor so I probably couldn’t work if I’m pregnant. I can’t see a way to have a baby and live my life.”

Her pregnancy test positive, Jackie was given an ultrasound. The image of a 20-week-old appeared on the screen, shocking our patient. “I didn’t think I was that far along,” she said.

When she met again with the Advocate, Jackie expressed her shock and overwhelm. She listened intently as her pregnancy options were explained. When she learned the type of abortion procedure she would have and the potential risks and side effects, Jackie told her Advocate, “I didn’t realize it would be that involved, that big of a deal. I’m not sure I could do that.” She was resistant to adoption at first, the Advocate noted, but once this option was explained to her in greater detail, her defenses fell a bit, noted the Advocate. Jackie was also introduced to True Care’s Baby & Me Program; however, she said her work schedule likely wouldn’t allow her to come to Casper that often.

“I feel very overwhelmed,” she said before she left our center. “I’m not sure what I’m going to do.”

Our staff had a difficult time connecting with Jackie by phone and she missed a return appointment three times. We began to believe the young woman had gone for an abortion. However, one of our follow-up specialists connected with her six weeks before her due date.

“Things are going well,” Jackie said. “The pregnancy is going well. I’m seeing a doctor and I’ve decided to keep the baby.”

2019 – A Year of Saving Lives

We’ve experienced similar stories this year, including a 35-year-old career-oriented woman who discovered through ultrasound that she was carrying twins. Like Jackie, Kristi was shocked and overwhelmed. She had been told by doctors she couldn’t have children as she had experienced cancer twice in her young life. Kristi went through the center’s Baby & Me Program, one of nearly 25 moms to do so this year. Once considering abortion, Kristi delivered her healthy sons this summer; they are about to celebrate their first Christmas as a small family.

To date, nearly 300 women have walked through our doors and more than 220 unborn lives have been saved from abortion. We’ve mentored 23 moms and 6 dads in our long-term, parenting education programs, and we’ve had 4 patients accept Christ through the Gospel presentation given by our advocates. We also have helped 6 young moms who are enrolled in college, and 6 of our single moms have been discipled through the Embrace Grace Program at Paradise Valley Christian Church. We look forward to more celebrations before we close for the Christmas holiday, and in January another Casper church will start Embrace Grace!

You Make an Impact!

You impact these women and men and their unborn children. You help them. How? By helping True Care. Your donations and prayers, your encouragement and support – all of that matters. If True Care wasn’t here, what would these scared, confused women do? What would Jackie and Kristi have done? Likely driven to Fort Collins, Denver, or Boulder for an abortion. Three babies’ lives would have been lost, and two more women would be trying to cope with their abortion decision.

True Care attracts many women at risk for abortion. We want to be the place they come to first before they drive out-of-state. We want to give them the opportunity to see their unborn on the ultrasound screen, to learn the facts about abortion, to be educated on adoption, and to understand they CAN be a mom. We are here to help them along that journey. We want to give them the resources they need, from Medicaid and physicians to housing and smoking cessation programs, mental health referrals, food pantries, and materials assistance. We want to encourage them, love on them, and introduce them to Christ. But, to continue doing that, we need your continued support.

Consider Making a Year-End Gift

2019 ends soon. Will you make a year-end gift to True Care so we can continue helping women like Jackie and Kristi? You can donate online at our website:, text the word “truecare” to 50155, mail your check to us, or stop by with your donation. Be a difference-maker in the lives of women, babies, and families! (We will be closed Friday afternoon, December 27m 2019 through Wednesday, January 1, 2020.)

Also, please continue to pray for the staff and volunteers of our center. This work is hard. Daily, Satan attempts to extinguish us through challenges in life, including health and family issues, among so much else. His attempts at discouragement seem successful at times so prayer is greatly needed in this fight for life.

As this year ends, another begins. True Care has set goals for 2020, including helping women who start a chemical abortion but then change their minds, through a protocol called Abortion Pill Reversal, known as APR – more on that in January.

Thank you for helping True Care help women in our community who experience an unplanned pregnancy. God bless you!


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