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Finding The Treasures of Grace and Life
tags: pro-life, pregnancy centers, True Care Casper WY, Embrace Grace, finding life, donors

Laura and Piper chose to continue their pregnancies after struggling with the decision due to their circumstances and fears. Because of True Care's programs, because of donors, because of church congregations stepping forward, we all play a major role in these women's decisions. Read their stories and learn how YOU help extend grace and life to women who come to True Care -- women like Laura and Piper.


Renewal and New Birth During the Easter Season
tags: embrace grace, spring, renewal, rebirth, pregnancy resource center

Spring is a time of rebirth, when flowers proceed from their winter dormancy and when leaves bud from the trees. The sun warms the earth, and the brilliant blue skies we experience in Wyoming seem even larger. We’re enveloped with joy because nature renews the land with color and brightness. Spring is also the time we celebrate Easter. True Care plants seeds of hope, faith, and rebirth into the hearts and lives of young women who come through our doors. Find out how that happens by reading our blog post.


Embrace Grace: Bringing Our Brokenness to God
tags: grace of God, showing grace to others, Embrace Grace program, helping women who experience unplanned pregnancies

Through a partnership with Paradise Valley Christian Church, True Care is launching a new program, Embrace Grace, which seeks to bring single women who experience an unplanned pregnancy closer to God. The Bible tells us that “all sin and fall short of the glory of God” (see Romans 3:23). Many times, women with unplanned pregnancies feel judged by the church. Through Embrace Grace, they will find love and grace through a relationship with Christ and through the love poured upon them by the church. Learn more about this exciting new endeavor on this week's blog post.