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The Closing of Wyoming’s Planned Parenthood Clinic and What That Means for the State’s Pro-life Movement
tags: abortion, wyoming, Planned Parenthood Casper, prolife, pregnancy centers, unplanned pregnancy options

Last week’s Casper Star Tribune headline announcing the closing of Wyoming’s only Planned Parenthood (PP) clinic not only made Wyoming news, but also national news. The clinic, located in Casper, will shut its doors for good in July. Planned Parenthood clinics across the country are shutting their doors, including two in Colorado, three in New Mexico, and four in Iowa; several of these facilities don’t perform abortions, but, as is the case at the Casper clinic, PP staff refer clients for abortion elsewhere. Pro-life medical pregnancy centers can fill in the gap in many ways. Find out how and find out how prolife individuals and churches can help.