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Our Work in 2020
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As we approach the close of the first quarter in 2020, we reflect upon the work God has been doing in this new decade and where we plan to go in the futureFrom January to the end of February, we saw 56 patients, and we've seen 42 unborn lives saved from abortion so far. Read about a recent patient who originally planned to abort, but because of God's work at True Care, she has chosen life. You'll also learn about our plans for the next few months of this year.


Reflections on 2019
tags: pregnancy centers, True Care Casper WY, donations, impact of pregnancy centers, pro-life, make a difference

We’ve experienced several amazing stories this year. Our donors and supporters make these positive impacts possible. Read about two of 2019 patients and how together we can continue making a difference in the lives of women and their unborn in 2020.


Make a Difference for Life on #GivingTuesday2019!
tags: #GivingTuesday2019, pro-life, True Care Casper WY, donors

Donors and supporters are necessary to keep our doors open and to reach these women and save the lives of their unborn babies. As we approach #GivingTuesday2019, we ask you to help us help the women of our community. Help us reach them, help us teach them. This special international day of giving takes place Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019. We want to be the first stop for women like Sandra, who recently came to True Care undecided as to the outcome of her pregnancy. Read her story on this blog.


Standing on God's Promises
tags: True Care Casper WY, non-profit mission, donations, pro-life, pregnancy center support

Each day True Care staff and volunteers gather for prayer before opening our doors to patients. We pray for the women who have appointments; we pray for each other; and we pray for our supporters. We thank God daily for those who stand beside us, and we thank Him for his presence in our ministry. We thank Him for all the promises He gives. Pro-life work isn’t easy. Yet, even in darkness the light shines, through our abortion recovery program and even simply in the love and compassion bestowed on our patients. Many, even those who go through with an abortion, return for another pregnancy because of the love of Christ lavished upon them. As we enter the last quarter of the year, we continue standing on God’s promises. 


Choosing to Share the American Dream
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Earlier this month, True Care hosted a large fundraising event, our annual Walk for Life. The endeavor brings together supporters from across the community, making a public stand to save unborn lives and empower the mothers who carry those babies. In April, Grace Reformed Church at City Park hosted a fundraising event for True Care called Hymn Sing for Life. Once again, people from around the community came out to support the important work we do. Both fundraising endeavors involved young people, and we are thankful for the youth and children who choose to stand for life.

This blog post is written by Hannah Tippin, a student attending the University of Wyoming, who participated in the April Hymn Sing. She used this writing as part of a class assignment regarding a service project, and she graciously said yes to having it posted on our blog.


Adopt-A-College-Student: Encouraging Women to Continue Their Pregnancies and Their Education
tags: abortion, going to college while pregnant, college and abortion, empowering women, True Care Casper WY

True Care sees patients who attend institutions of higher education and plan to abort their pregnancies because of school. Finances play into that as well. Whether it is the fear of losing a scholarship or concerns about pursuing an education while pregnant, some women believe they have to choose one or the other: school or baby. However, that isn’t true, and at True Care, we strive to help young women understand that.


True Care - More Than a Pregnancy Test
tags: unplanned pregnancy, True Care Casper WY, hope, pro-life

True Care is more than a free pregnancy test. In addition to the medical services we offer, including ultrasound and limited std testing, our advocates and follow-up specialists engage with our patients, learning their needs and responding as the Holy Spirit prompts them. Read about two recent patients who were helped by medical services and promptings from God which greatly impacted them and their unborn.


Why What We Do Matters
tags: unplanned pregnancy, hope in Christ, pregnancy centers, True Care Casper WY

Hope comes from God, and we at True Care are the instruments He uses to provide that hope. From the medical services and options education to the Gospel presentation and the community resources, True Care offers the hope women experiencing unplanned pregnancies need. Read about a recent patient who found hope at True Care and learn why what we do matters.


Why We Run or Walk for Life
tags: True Care Casper WY, fundraising, Walk for Life, 5k run, pro-life, pregnancy centers

Saturday, June 2, 2018 marks this year’s Run/Walk for Life, an annual event that helps sustain True Care. This fundraiser is one of our biggest of the year, bringing in much-needed dollars to continue the ministry. Sponsored runners and walkers are vital to helping us help the women of our community. Meet a few of those women and learn how your participation helps the ladies whom we serve.