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"Unplanned" Shines the Light on the Darkness of Abortion
tags: abortion, pro-life movie, Unplanned, Abby Johnson, abortion healing

Abby Johnson’s story is compelling. A former Planned Parenthood clinic director in Texas – she even won an Employee of the Year award – this young woman walked away from money and prestige after witnessing an abortion. She once believed she and the organization she worked for were helping women, but her mind and heart opened to the truth of what abortion does to women … and to the unborn. Thanks to brave people like Abby and the producers, writers, and directors of PureFlix, God’s light of love, mercy, and truth will be broadcast throughout the country. We can help that light shine.


What is Abortion Recovery?
tags: abortion, abortion healing, abortion recovery, SaveOne, Her Choice to Heal, affects of abortion, Casper WY

Abortion recovery programs provide women (and men) emotionally affected by abortion the opportunity to find healing and closure. Such programs help women and men recover spiritually, mentally, and emotionally after the choice of abortion. It can often be years, even decades, before a person seeks help and healing. Sadly, many never do, perhaps because they are not aware help is available. Read this blog post to find out more about such programs and where, if you or someone you know has experienced abortion and needs to find closure and healing, can receive that help in a loving, compassionate manner.