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New Study Reveals Greater Success in Abortion Pill Reversal
tags: abortion, abortion pill reversal, APR, studies on progesterone use to reverse medical abortion, George Delgado, True Care Womens Resource Center

A case study recently published in Issues of Law and Medicine shows an increase in the percentage of successful births using Abortion Pill Reversal (APR), a progesterone protocol to reverse a medical abortion. The study  involved more than 750 women who attempted to reverse their abortions after taking the first abortion pill. Using progesterone to halt a medical abortion began more than a decade ago; more than 400 babies have been born since the protocol was first introduced by Dr. George Delgado. Learn more about the APR process and the most recent published study by reading this week's blog post.


Abortion-at-Home: A Frightening Trend Springing Up World Wide
tags: abortion, abortion pill, abortion at home, buying abortion pills online

During the past year, with the phrase “reproductive rights” ringing louder after the 2016 election, websites have sprung up encouraging women to purchase abortion pills online. There are many dangers to women who pursue this option, but still, many choose to abort at home. Read our post on the dangers and the need for fervent prayer.


Pregnancy Centers Offer REAL Choice for Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancies
tags: abortion, pregnancy choices, abortion pill reversal, pro-life, pro-choice, Pregnancy Help News, California Board of Registered Nursing

In July, the California Board of Registered Nursing approved continuing education classes for nurses on abortion pill reversal. Last week, the organization had a reversal of its own – its previous decision. Abortion advocates, such as Planned Parenthood, who tout “choice” in their verbiage, don’t seem to be about choice at all. If they were, why dissuade a board of nursing from offering “choice” by instructing nurses on the procedures for abortion pill reversal? Pregnancy centers, like True Care, offer real choice, providing information and medical services a woman needs without making money from her decision. Read more about the facts of real choice, including abortion pill reversal, on this week's blog.


True Care Expands Medical Services with Abortion Pill Reversal
tags: abortion pill reversal, True Care Casper, abortion pill, pregnancy centers, pro-life, Wyoming pregnancy centers

When True Care Women’s Resource Center in Casper, Wyoming became a medical clinic 12 years ago, we envisioned helping more abortion-minded women see the truth of life via ultrasound. We wanted to become more relevant to our target audience by offering important medical services at no cost. Beginning this week, we are expanding our medical services to include Abortion Pill Reversal, a new treatment for women who have started a chemical (or medical) abortion and regret that decision. Many people don’t realize that the abortion pill can sometimes be reversed. The reversal process is called Pregnancy Sustaining Progesterone Therapy (PSPT) or Abortion Pill Reversal, and starting tomorrow, July 11, 2017, True Care's staff will be offering this treatment to women who thought abortion was their best option but now regret that choice. Read our post to learn more!