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Reflections on 2019
tags: pregnancy centers, True Care Casper WY, donations, impact of pregnancy centers, pro-life, make a difference

We’ve experienced several amazing stories this year. Our donors and supporters make these positive impacts possible. Read about two of 2019 patients and how together we can continue making a difference in the lives of women and their unborn in 2020.


Standing on God's Promises
tags: True Care Casper WY, non-profit mission, donations, pro-life, pregnancy center support

Each day True Care staff and volunteers gather for prayer before opening our doors to patients. We pray for the women who have appointments; we pray for each other; and we pray for our supporters. We thank God daily for those who stand beside us, and we thank Him for his presence in our ministry. We thank Him for all the promises He gives. Pro-life work isn’t easy. Yet, even in darkness the light shines, through our abortion recovery program and even simply in the love and compassion bestowed on our patients. Many, even those who go through with an abortion, return for another pregnancy because of the love of Christ lavished upon them. As we enter the last quarter of the year, we continue standing on God’s promises.