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Our Work in 2020
tags: True Care Casper WY, donors, pro-life, non-profit fundraising, pregnancy center friends

As we approach the close of the first quarter in 2020, we reflect upon the work God has been doing in this new decade and where we plan to go in the futureFrom January to the end of February, we saw 56 patients, and we've seen 42 unborn lives saved from abortion so far. Read about a recent patient who originally planned to abort, but because of God's work at True Care, she has chosen life. You'll also learn about our plans for the next few months of this year.


Make a Difference for Life on #GivingTuesday2019!
tags: #GivingTuesday2019, pro-life, True Care Casper WY, donors

Donors and supporters are necessary to keep our doors open and to reach these women and save the lives of their unborn babies. As we approach #GivingTuesday2019, we ask you to help us help the women of our community. Help us reach them, help us teach them. This special international day of giving takes place Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019. We want to be the first stop for women like Sandra, who recently came to True Care undecided as to the outcome of her pregnancy. Read her story on this blog.


Meeting Needs of College-Bound Patients
tags: single moms going to college, Adopt-A-College-Student, prolife, prolife donors helping moms going to college, reaons why women abort, single mothers and proverty

Many of the women we see at True Care attend college, whether Casper’s community college, the University of Wyoming in Laramie, or UW at Casper College. A few are enrolled in out-of-state institutions pursuing higher education. Going to school can be a reason women consider (or even choose) abortion. This school year, True Care started our Adopt-A-College Student Program. We selected five young women who came to our center who wanted to attend college but had significant barriers to move forward, in particular, finances. Read more about this new program and how supporting college-bound women can help them choose life instead of abortion.


How You Can Help True Care This Spring - Part 2
tags: True Care Womens Resource Center, giving, donors, Hymn Sing for Life, prolife pregnancy centers

True Care cannot do what the clinic does without support. As spring rolls into view, there are several opportunities for people to help us help the women, men, and babies that we serve. Learn about upcoming events by which you can be a hero for those experiencing unplanned pregnancies, those who are vulnerable to abortion.


Keep the Giving in Thanksgiving
tags: #GivingTuesday, Thanksgiving, generosity, pregnancy centers, donate, donors to prolife, prolife

For the past few weeks, many of us have focused on our blessings, giving thanks to the Lord who supplies us with all good things (James 1:17) -- that is the purpose of Thanksgiving. Today is Cyber Monday and last Friday was Black Friday. Tomorrow is GivingTuesday, and you have opportunity to help True Care meet a God-sized financial goal! Read more about True Care's services, a bit of history, and how you can join us in reaching our one-day goal and impacting our mission to erase the perceived need for abortion in our community.


Gratitude and Giving
tags: GivingTuesday, pregnancy center support, True Care, thanksgiving, donors

November is known for many observations, especially Thanksgiving. It’s also known as a time that retail businesses bombard us with advertisements to spend money. However, there is another special day that encourages helping others -- it's called GivingTuesday. True Care will participate for the second time, hoping to raise $10,000 on this one day to continue helping women who experience unplanned pregnancies. Learn more about this endeavor and how you can be part of changing and saving lives on our latest blog post.