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Join Us For Our Fall Fundraising Event!
tags: pro-life, pregnancy center, events, fundraising for True Care, True Care Casper WY

True Care’s annual Making a Difference Fundraising Dessert takes place on Tuesday, September 29, starting at 7 pm. We will also have an online version of the event on Thursday, October 1 at 7:00 pm due to Coronavirus concerns. We have two special guests scheduled to speak, helping to make this year's fundraiser even more unique and enjoyable. Who are these people? Find out on our blog!


Our Work in 2020
tags: True Care Casper WY, donors, pro-life, non-profit fundraising, pregnancy center friends

As we approach the close of the first quarter in 2020, we reflect upon the work God has been doing in this new decade and where we plan to go in the futureFrom January to the end of February, we saw 56 patients, and we've seen 42 unborn lives saved from abortion so far. Read about a recent patient who originally planned to abort, but because of God's work at True Care, she has chosen life. You'll also learn about our plans for the next few months of this year.


Why We Run or Walk for Life
tags: True Care Casper WY, fundraising, Walk for Life, 5k run, pro-life, pregnancy centers

Saturday, June 2, 2018 marks this year’s Run/Walk for Life, an annual event that helps sustain True Care. This fundraiser is one of our biggest of the year, bringing in much-needed dollars to continue the ministry. Sponsored runners and walkers are vital to helping us help the women of our community. Meet a few of those women and learn how your participation helps the ladies whom we serve.