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The Antidote of Prayer
tags: pro-life, 40 Days for Life, prayer, abortion, euthanasia, abortion pill reversal

America is under siege. The culture of death continues to spread as more states seek to provide taxpayer funded abortion and loosen laws on who can perform abortions. Late-term abortions and euthanasia are growing in acceptance. How can we combat this epidemic? Through prayer.


The Power of Prayer
tags: pro-life, prayer, Christian living, support for pregnancy centers, pregnancy centers, NIFLA

There is power in prayer. We know from Scripture that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood … but against the spiritual forces of evil…” (Ephesians 6:12). And, we know in this world evil runs rampant, but, we are encouraged through God’s word to not give up the good fight – prayer is a weapon we can all employ. Learn more about the need for prayer on behalf of pro-life pregnancy centers like True Care by reading our blog post.


Fighting the Battle of Virtual Untruths
tags: fake reviews, Planned Parenthood, pregnancy centers, Pregnancy Help News, attacks on prolife centers, prayer

In this day and age of electronic communications, from email to Facebook, from blogs to Twitter, impacts (both good and bad) reverberate around the internet. Reviews by customers are another way to impact a business or organization online. And, lately, a series of “bad reviews” have bombarded pregnancy centers, including True Care. Learn more about these attacks and what you can do to help not only True Care, but pro-life pregnancy centers around the country.