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The Benefits of a Resource Program
tags: pregnancy centers, pro-life, resources to help pregnant women, abortion

Nearly four years ago, True Care Women’s Resource Center partnered with what is now known as the Healthy Birth and Infant Brains (HBIB) Foundation to help women have healthier babies. The mission of True Care – to erase the perceived need for abortion by effectively serving pregnant, at risk women, turning their fears into confidence – aligns with the mission of the HBIB Foundation – to help women have healthy pregnancies and lessen the chances of learning disabilities and developmental delays in children. By connecting pregnant women with community resources, agencies and organizations that can meet their various needs, True Care’s patients find the confidence they need to carry their babies to term, erasing that perceived need for abortion. Learn more about the importance and benefits of a resource program for pro-life pregnancy centers like True Care on this week's blog.