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Wyoming Pregnancy Centers Positively Impact Women and Communities
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True Care is one of eleven pregnancy centers in the state of Wyoming.  These life -affirming organizations have separate boards of directors and are individual 501( c ) 3) entities. However, each adheres to a code of ethics and care practices to ensure excellence in service and integrity in conduct. A 2018 report generated by the directors of Wyoming’s pregnancy centers showed that these non-profits create a positive impact on the communities they serve and upon the state in which they reside. Learn how True Care and other pro-life pregnancy centers positively impact women in their communities.


True Care Expands Medical Services with Abortion Pill Reversal
tags: abortion pill reversal, True Care Casper, abortion pill, pregnancy centers, pro-life, Wyoming pregnancy centers

When True Care Women’s Resource Center in Casper, Wyoming became a medical clinic 12 years ago, we envisioned helping more abortion-minded women see the truth of life via ultrasound. We wanted to become more relevant to our target audience by offering important medical services at no cost. Beginning this week, we are expanding our medical services to include Abortion Pill Reversal, a new treatment for women who have started a chemical (or medical) abortion and regret that decision. Many people don’t realize that the abortion pill can sometimes be reversed. The reversal process is called Pregnancy Sustaining Progesterone Therapy (PSPT) or Abortion Pill Reversal, and starting tomorrow, July 11, 2017, True Care's staff will be offering this treatment to women who thought abortion was their best option but now regret that choice. Read our post to learn more!


The Closing of Wyoming’s Planned Parenthood Clinic and What That Means for the State’s Pro-life Movement
tags: abortion, wyoming, Planned Parenthood Casper, prolife, pregnancy centers, unplanned pregnancy options

Last week’s Casper Star Tribune headline announcing the closing of Wyoming’s only Planned Parenthood (PP) clinic not only made Wyoming news, but also national news. The clinic, located in Casper, will shut its doors for good in July. Planned Parenthood clinics across the country are shutting their doors, including two in Colorado, three in New Mexico, and four in Iowa; several of these facilities don’t perform abortions, but, as is the case at the Casper clinic, PP staff refer clients for abortion elsewhere. Pro-life medical pregnancy centers can fill in the gap in many ways. Find out how and find out how prolife individuals and churches can help.