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Erin's Story

“I’m kind of messed up right now. If I am pregnant, I think having an abortion is best for me.” Twenty-two year old Erin was scared and desperately searching for options. She had recently spent time in prison and her life was filled with turmoil. The thought of how her boyfriend would react to the news of a pregnancy made her feel even more desperate. A friend recommended she call True Care. First things first - she had to know for sure if she really was pregnant.

The ultrasound image of her 7-week unborn baby brought tears to Erin’s eyes. That image combined with the assurance that True Care staff would become her mentors and connect her to resources in the community - all at no cost - gave Erin hope and changed her mind about abortion. “I feel better now,” she said. “Seeing the heartbeat and knowing about the help that is here makes a difference. I believe I can do this!”